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Please consider donating to the Celtic Cultural Center a Federally recognized 501c3 organization. There are several ways to donate.

You can mail cash or check donations to:
Celtic Cultural Center
1105B Taulbee Lane
Austin, Texas 78757

Do you shop at Randall Grocery stores?
The Celtic Cultural Center is now apart of the Randall's Good Neighbor Program. If you shop using a Randall's Discount Card, please ask the cashier to assign the number "10837" to your card. It doesn't have to be a new card, it can be one you are already using, the cashier can do it in 30 seconds. From then on Randalls will donate the equivalent of 1% of your purchases to the Celtic Cultural Center everytime you shop and use the card.

Here are some of the reasons the Celtic Cultural Center can enhance the cultural landscape of Austin.

Land and Office Space Donation:
The CCC is looking for the donation of land or office space until our center can be built. If you have land or a building that you aren't using that is in the City Limits consider donating it to the CCC.

What the Celtic Center could offer to Austin:
  • The gift of hospitality and spirit of celebration, for which the Celtic peoples are known;
  • First rate entertainment to all citizens of and visitors to Austin;
  • An attraction for tourists that highlights the rich cultural traditions of the Celts; and
  • A cross cultural gathering place for the people of Austin, where the commonality of cultures can be explored, enhanced, and celebrated.
  • A year round interpretive center with:
    • exhibits from private collections around Texas (furnishings, art, tapestries, libraries, artifacts);
    • the story of the Celtic contributions to Texas culture focusing on the Irish-Mexican Land Grants of south Texas, the Scots-Irish immigration from Appalachia and the Southern States to north and east Texas; and the Cajun influence on Deep East Texas;
    • Celtic connections in the Austin Community and the contributions of those families;
    • a considerable collection of Celtic music from all over the world (Brittanny, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and the U.S.;
    • the writings of W.B.Yeats, Robert Burns, James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, and others; and
    • the story of Americans of Celtic lineage such as Stephen Austin, Sam Houston, David Crockett, Andrew Jackson, and many others.
  • A performance center which will accommodate:
    • Weekly dances, music performances, and poetry readings; and
    • A showplace for traveling exhibits, musicians, theatre groups, and dancers (In the past, the Celtic Community in Austin has hosted performers from Brittanny in France, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Canada, and all over the US).